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Mini Reading – $35
Have a pressing concern or question on your mind? This is an abridged reading to be performed over the phone. It is a good option for anyone looking for quick insight from the cards on something going on in their life. Between twenty and thirty minutes in length.

New Client Full Reading – $65
Available at discount to individuals who have not had a reading performed by Skylar before. Up to an hour of exploratory reading and custom spreads intended to address the querent’s unique concerns and the energies currently present in their life. Can be held in-person or remote.

Repeat Client Full Reading – $75
Up to an hour of exploratory reading and custom spreads intended to address the querent’s unique concerns and the energies currently present in their life. Can be held in-person or remote.

Package of Three Readings – $180
Three readings redeemable within the span of one year and offered at a discounted rate. Package readings purchased can be gifted in part or in full to another individual.

Birthday/Life Transition Reading – $80
A special reading of up to an hour and a half that, while still exploratory, is uniquely designed to honor the threshold and transition of a birthday or other life event. Using numerology, Skylar will discuss what your “birth card” and bordering “year cards” are, and this adds an additional macro-level element to the reading as we look at the major energies moving through your life year-to-year.

Events – Price Negotiable
Skylar would love to work your events! Pricing varies depending on the format and intensity of the event. In certain circumstances Skylar will charge event attendees directly for full or mini-readings.

Intuitive Tarot Reader & Life Coach

Interested in working with Skylar?

Skylar is honored to serve her community, remotely and in-person, as a Tarot reader and life coach. In each capacity she works to bring clarity to her client's lives, helping to cultivate growth, acceptance, and their most beautiful expression yet.

“I just have to give a shout out to the amazing Skylar Drake! She is the most effervescent spirit I have been around. Always so encouraging and uplifting! I just had my first ever Tarot card reading and she was so kind and informative. I had no idea what it even meant to have cards read and she taught me so much about the history and the intent of how she reads. It was such a fun, uplifting and encouraging time.”

Kelly B.

“I had the SUPREME honor of having a tarot reading from the incomparable Skylar Drake today and can say that I have such calm and clarity moving forward in life! I had such an amazing afternoon shift at my practice where I was able to BE PRESENT, per the recommendations of my reading <3 I’m definitely going to do this regularly.”

Micaela O.

“Skylar gave me an incredible reading that I’m still sorting through. I’m going through a very difficult time in my life and Skylar’s reading was hard. But she was so kind, compassionate, and caring throughout the entire reading that it softened what she was telling me. She said most of what she tells people they already know, and this was very true. And it helped confirm that what I was doing are the right steps, and it confirmed that if I can just move past this, the sun will come out again (with the caveat that I have to choose to move past it). She is amazing and wonderful and I’m already sending a friend to see her.”

Anna F.

“I had a tarot reading with Skylar Drake and she is amazing! Skylar is so genuine, warm and welcoming, and her energy is so positive, she makes you feel comfortable and relaxed. Her readings are not only accurate, intuitive, in-depth, and perceptive, but her session also includes compassionate life coaching as you process your reading. If you are able, I highly recommend getting a reading with Skylar – you will be so glad you did!”

Sarita P.

I had the most incredible tarot card reading with Skylar and will be sure to see her regularly now. Skylar has the most calming and open presence and simply holds a conversation with you as she reads your cards. At times, I wasn’t sure what questions to ask the cards, and she was able to guide me in our conversation to the questions and answers I was looking for. When the answers came through, it was amazing how dead on they were. Sometimes the messages delivered were things I knew deep down, but it was incredibly empowering and freeing for that information to be confirmed. I even had some ah-ha moments that came to me after our reading as things started to make sense. Skylar is an absolute gem and has an incredible gift to share with us as we look for guidance and direction in our lives. She is the real deal.

Melanie C.

Providing intuitive readings and life coaching services designed to reflect your highest potential and your fullest joy. Supporting growth, acceptance, and your most beautiful expression yet.