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Twin Cups Tarot

Skylar is not a psychic or a medium; she is an intuitive and a translator, passionate about conveying to each of her clients the unique wisdom that the Tarot has to offer them. A reading with Skylar is an opportunity to shift your perspective and help you honestly acknowledge the challenges, agency, and opportunities for growth that are available to you in whatever set of circumstances you find yourself in. She does not predict the future, or answer questions that only you can truly answer; instead, Skylar will allow the unique insight of the cards to bring forth a reflection of what you, in all likelihood, may already know deep down. This means that her clients are co-creators in the reading, working with Skylar to confirm their own powerful truth and the path forward that it unveils for them. Skylar is honored to hold space for this work and contextualize it within the powerful and flexible system of the Tarot.

Skylar’s work is heavily influenced by the Soul Tarot teachings of Lindsay Mack, which encourage the use of Tarot as a tool for growth and expansion, an invitation to the medicine that can be found in life’s challenges, and a methodology for understanding the interplay of our brain chemistry and our desire for a courageously lead, soulful life.

Skylar is dedicated to the work of unshackling the Tarot from many traditional interpretations that have been shaped by patriarchal, heteronormative, gender normative, capitalist, colonialist, racist, and ableist cultures. She strives for inclusivity on every level and believes that Tarot truly is for everyone.

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Twin Cups Coaching

Although much of the coaching industry is driven by the simple premise that you can be better, do better, and become your “best” self, Skylar firmly believes that each of her clients are already a near perfect version of who they need to be. Her work revolves around holding space for her clients to witness and step into this fact, to acknowledge and honor the unique power that they already have. An extended, one-on-one coaching relationship with Skylar provides a supportive and reliable context in which her clients can navigate and consider the challenges and goals in their life through this lens, with the ultimate goal of stepping into an expression and life experience that mirrors back to them their own worth and the joy and satisfaction available to them.

Coaching with Skylar is a flexible vehicle for your growth. She will commit to supporting you and holding you accountable as you as you navigate the unique challenges that unfold in your path, process your own choices and the events in your life, strategize how to best spend your time in energy, pursue your large-scale goals and dreams, and work to cultivate satisfaction and joy in the midst of it all. If you are feeling directionless or scattered, or simply lacking a belief and confidence in what you are truly capable of, coaching could be the perfect fit.

Providing intuitive readings and life coaching services designed to reflect your highest potential and your fullest joy. Supporting growth, acceptance, and your most beautiful expression yet.