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What do I do if I’m interested in coaching, but I’m not sure?

Great question! Many new clients are initially unclear on exactly how coaching might benefit them, but they may have a sense that they could use support, clarity, and change in their life. Skylar is always available for a cost-free discovery call, which provides any prospective client with the chance to get to know her, talk about what they are hoping to accomplish, and ask any specific questions they would like answered in order to feel more confident in their decision. Compatibility and alignment of goals is of the utmost importance in any coaching relationship, and as such the discovery call is a perfect time to determine whether or not working with Skylar is the right fit for you.

What if I don’t want to coach with Skylar anymore?

Skylar’s coaching agreements are terminable on a month-to-month basis. If at any point you no longer feel that coaching is serving you, you are welcome to opt-out of payment for your next month’s services and pause or end the coaching relationship. It is important to Skylar that coaching does not pose an undue financial burden should your circumstances change, and additionally, she prefers that her clients are 100% invested and aligned with the coaching relationship at all times if it is to continue, as these are the circumstances under which clients are able to cultivate the greatest and most powerful change in their life.

Is coaching the same as counseling or therapy?

Absolutely not. Skylar is not a trained mental health professional and coaching should never be approached as a substitute for the care of a trained mental health professional. Coaching is a goal-focused relationship that revolves around mindset work, accountability, interpersonal and strategic support, and change; it is not a space in which to seek care for new, ongoing, or acute mental health challenges. However, Skylar will gladly coach clients who are working in tandem with a qualified mental health professional in order to address these needs.

Does coaching with Skylar incorporate the Tarot?

If you would like, Skylar will be happy to incorporate Tarot readings into your coaching sessions on whatever scale you find to be aligned and helpful for you. However, coaching with Skylar by no means needs to involve the Tarot and will be just as effective without the assistance as this tool. Most of Skylar’s coaching clients opt to work independently of the Tarot excepting certain situations in which they may be drawn towards it as an available tool.

Where does Skylar do her work?

Skylar’s work is mobile and highly flexible. Coaching sessions are typically held remotely via phone, excepting incremental in-person sessions if desired by the client. Readings can be held via video chat but an in-person experience is recommended when distance and scheduling allows. Skylar does not have a dedicated office space for her work but rather visits the homes of her clients or, most frequently, comfortable coffee shops in an area accessible to both her and the client.

Do I need to have experience with Tarot to benefit from a reading?

Skylar welcomes an opportunity to introduce someone to the Tarot, and many of her clients are first-time querents. Skylar is passionate about educating her clients about the cards, their history, and their role in the modern day and age. You do not need to know anything about Tarot or any related modalities to benefit from and feel comfortable throughout a reading with Skylar.

Is Skylar the same as all Tarot readers?

Absolutely not, because every intuitive and reader is entirely different. No two are the same, and each bring their own gifts, preferences, energies, training, and backgrounds to their clients.

Should I be scared of trying a Tarot reading with Skylar?

Absolutely not. Skylar is careful to practice in such a way that there is nothing to fear from a reading with her. Her readings are not predictive, and so you will never be told that something scary or bad is going to happen to you. She is not a psychic or medium, and so she will never deliver a message from another entity or realm. As she translates the meaning and significance of the cards that are coming up for you, she is very deliberate in sharing the medicine and the highest and best invitation of each card. Her clients typically leave empowered and with fresh clarity, not scared and shaken.

Do I need to be spiritual, religious, or a “believer” to benefit from a reading?

Actually, no. While Skylar does work with her own intuition and sense of the divine, it is not at all necessary to believe in a higher power or subscribe to any particular belief system to benefit from a reading with her. To receive a reading in an impactful way, all you have to be willing to do is listen for that which rings true to you and be open to reflecting on your own life in an honest and caretaking way. (Please note that every reader is different and this may not be true for all individuals practicing and serving others with the Tarot.)

Can I get Tarot readings at regular intervals?

Absolutely! If the practice feels supportive to you, Skylar would be honored to share it with you at whatever interval feels beneficial to your personal rhythms and growth. Checking back in with the cards can be a powerful practice for relating to your own path and gaining a deeper understanding of how your life is unfolding. (For instance, Skylar reads for herself on a weekly and monthly basis, and often day-to-day as the desire for clarity or perspective presents itself.)

Can I gift a Tarot reading to a friend?

Tarot readings can be wonderful gifts for friends! It is Skylar’s recommendation that you check-in with the receipient beforehand to confirm that they are interested in the experience. Readings are most effective when the querent is engaged and ready to receive the wisdom their reading will offer.

Will Skylar perform Tarot readings at my event or festival?

Skylar is more than happy to read in community spaces, however all events are fairly unique. Pricing and the type of reading she will offer are dependent on the environment you would like her to work within. In addition, Skylar’s work is interpersonal and growth-focused, and as such she will only read at events that are a good match for the impact of the work that she does. If you are planning an event, Skylar would love to hear from you and discuss whether she might be the right fit.


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