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Providing intuitive readings and life coaching services designed to reflect your highest potential and your fullest joy. Supporting growth, acceptance, and your most beautiful expression yet.

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Working with Skylar

What is Twin Cups Tarot & Coaching?

Skylar’s offerings as a life coach and Tarot reader function, in essence, as a mirror. Her goal is to act as a reflective surface through which her clients can hear their own truth, witness their own sovereignty, and experience confirmation of their strength and capability. Whether this work is facilitated through the powerful wisdom and age-old perspective of the Tarot, or the committed accountability and interpersonal support of coaching, the end result is the same: Skylar will shine a light on the limiting beliefs and the fears holding you back from your greatest expression. She will invite you to step into new levels of clarity and confidence as you move forward in a way that honors your worth and limitless potential for growth and expansion.

Intuitive Reader, Coach, Connector, Advocate

About Skylar Drake

Skylar came to this work through a dedicated pursuit of her own most authentic self-expression and a commitment to sharing her unique gifts to the fullest extent. When it comes to encouraging others to follow their own truth, Skylar has walked the walk and will continue to do so. (Without pretending that it is an easy choice or a finite journey; she views herself as an eternal student of life.) Skylar holds degrees in both Sociology and Gender Studies; she has long been fascinated with the way we as humans allow our perception of self to be a reflection of those around us, and she is ever-dedicated to social justice and the pursuit of a world that is more equitable for all. An entrepreneur at her core, Skylar stays busy working as a community builder, mentor, mentee, heart-centered Realtor, and friend to all those whom she can support in their paths.

Intuitive Readings

Looking for clarity on your journey? The wisdom of the Tarot can help to illuminate your path.

One-on-One Coaching

Looking for gentle, insightful support as you live your truth and navigate your goals and dreams? Coaching with Skylar can provide a dedicated container in which to receive it.

Events & Workshops

Hoping to bring the Tarot to an event or workshop you are hosting? Skylar would love to collaborate and help to support your community.

“Skylar is a natural born coach. She has a great ability to empathize with others and provide the kind of actionable, constructive feedback needed to help people achieve their goals. When I was job searching, Skylar provided me with excellent coaching on how to maximize time at networking events (and get more comfortable with the concept of networking) and I was able to meaningfully connect with more people, build my community, and land a job.”

Maria J.

“Skylar gave me an incredible reading that I’m still sorting through. I’m going through a very difficult time in my life and Skylar’s reading was hard. But she was so kind, compassionate, and caring throughout the entire reading that it softened what she was telling me. She said most of what she tells people they already know, and this was very true. And it helped confirm that what I was doing are the right steps, and it confirmed that if I can just move past this, the sun will come out again (with the caveat that I have to choose to move past it). She is amazing and wonderful and I’m already sending a friend to see her.”

Anna F.

I can’t speak highly enough on what an amazing coach Skylar has been. She is truly one of a kind and I’ve loved every minute I’ve spent with her. She is 125% committed to her clients and is so easy to talk to. Her level of intuition and ability to help others find ways to improve themselves and their relationships with others is such a gift. If you’re looking to take your life to the next level, this is the lady to help you get there!

Amanda N.

I had the most incredible tarot card reading with Skylar and will be sure to see her regularly now. Skylar has the most calming and open presence and simply holds a conversation with you as she reads your cards. At times, I wasn’t sure what questions to ask the cards, and she was able to guide me in our conversation to the questions and answers I was looking for. When the answers came through, it was amazing how dead on they were. Sometimes the messages delivered were things I knew deep down, but it was incredibly empowering and freeing for that information to be confirmed. I even had some ah-ha moments that came to me after our reading as things started to make sense. Skylar is an absolute gem and has an incredible gift to share with us as we look for guidance and direction in our lives. She is the real deal.

Melanie C.
Thoughts and musings on how we live and grow.

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Providing intuitive readings and life coaching services designed to reflect your highest potential and your fullest joy. Supporting growth, acceptance, and your most beautiful expression yet.